Dear Reader,

to have the courage and the will to leave the beaten track is one thing; to have the skills and the ability to do it effectively is another. I sincerely hope I am able to stimulate you intellectually and emotionally to approach next generation branding in the Industry 4.0 era in a completely different way than you did in the past. Before one consciously and willingly breaks the rules, one must understand them and, ideally, also master them. If my two books BRANDING IT 3.0 (master the rules) and Pop-Up-Brands (break them!) make a positive and useful contribution to this, I am very happy about it.

With Kind Regards

«This book has a combination of foundational concepts, well-known models, innovative perspectives and the latest examples to help understand governing principles of brand management as an integral part of business strategy. Loved the examples throughout the chapters, because they are very relevant to today’s business world and carefully selected to cover the essentials and beyond what state-of-the-art brand management is all about.»


Marco Casanova He is Founder of the Community of Interest COI Branding in Switzerland as well as Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the International Brand & Reputation Community (INBREC). www.inbrec.org.

At INBREC Executives from companies like ABB, Allianz, Bayer, Bosch, Henkel, Hilti, Mercedes, Schindler, Shell, Siemens, and UBS meet regularly since more then fifteen years for knowledge and experience sharing.

Marco Casanova