Brand relationship becomes the competitive advantag and core competence of success

To be successful a brand must be seen by stakeholders
(customers, shareholders, employees, talents, suppliers, opinion leaders, media and others more) as something that has a purpose, adding value in their lives. By doing so, stakeholders will engage in a positive way with the brand, the company, its employees  and its products and services, communicating and behaving accordingly and also influence others positively.

The most valuable asset is brand positioning

The only element of your market offering that cannot be copied by your competitors is your brand positioning.

Competitive advantage through Corporate Brand Management

The model shows how state-of-the-art Corporate Brand management is implementation, illustrating the complexity of the different tasks and perspectives and indicating the relevant interdependences with the objective to  strengthen the relationship between the company (brand) and its stakeholders.

The 10 Cs of Branding 3.0

The 10 Cs of Branding 3.0 show what kind of knowledge, tasks and perspectives have to be considered to be able to reach business excellence in Brand management.

Gaining Branding Excellence – the three major advancement steps

In each of the three development steps the complexity and the strategic impact to manage a brand has increased. For achieving today business excellence in Brand Management through the 10 C of Branding 3.0 all the three phases are important to acknowledge!

Corporate Branding – The Strategic Management of the Company Brand

It is of paramount importance that the corporate brand positioning (identity) and the corporate brand perception (image) are in line with each other.

Rewards of this Collaboration approach

For brand and consumer alike…

Increased relevance and context leading to loyalty, Greater visibility, Greater utility (brands as service partners), Happier, more engaged customers, Data informs optimization opportunities (across customer and product lifecycles),
Improved value creation through conversion, Market differentiation

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