Marco Casanova

Author of the Amazon Bestseller BRANDING IT 3.0, Chairman of INBREC and founder of the Branding-Institute (in 2002)

About the author
Marco Casanova is an internationally renowned expert in Strategic-, Digital- and Employer Branding and the Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the International Brand and Reputation Community INBREC ( At INBREC, executives from companies like ABB, Allianz, Bayer, Bosch, Henkel, Mercedes-Benz, Schindler, and UBS are meeting regularly for more than fifteen years to share knowledge and experience.

He serves on various Executive Boards – i.e. as Chairman of Web Media Publishing AG (owner of leading platforms like , ) and member of the Board of the Entertainment Media Group as well as President of the Digital Academy Switzerland DAS and was a strategic advisor for the FIFA World Cup and t

he UEFA Champions League.

As executive consultant he has been advising with his company the Branding Institute (, since 2002 on a global scale (i.e. Bayer, Barilla, Credit Suisse) and mid-sized enterprises of multiple industries as well as international organizations, associations and countries and their governmental institutions in brand and reputation guided stakeholder management.

In Pop-Up-Brands he introduces now, for the very first time in public, the highly innovative framework of BRANDED ECOSYSTEM ENGINEERING BEE®, explaining why this next generation branding approach is the answer in today’s high-speed, short-attention-span culture and how business models successfully transform by developing BRAND engagement leading to the involvement of consumers in every stage of the value chain by creating value for customers through customers. BEE® enables business excellence in leading-edge Brand Management in the Industry 4.0 era!

His first book published in December 2017, BRANDING IT 3.0: Business Performance through Excellence in Brand Management, became a TOP 3 best-seller on Amazon in Global Marketing in January, 2018. BRANDING IT 3.0 provides guidance on how state-of-the-art brand management can be achieved, highlighting more than 20 best practice examples.

Marco is married (since 2000), has two children (Valentina and Mario-Achille) and is fluent in five languages (German, English, Italian, Spanish and French).


Truly transformational for any brand

This book gives clarity and the confidence to develop different approaches in managing a brand. The chosen examples are very convincing and together with the well-founded theory, you certainly feel like trying something new in the way you plan and approach customer relationships with your brand. Can only highly recommend it to anyone who is open-minded to take advantage of the opportunities the digital transformation offers.

– Andrea

I found the book very thorough and very useful. Many points he made are unconventional and though-provoking

Marco gives very compelling reasons and how-to guides about developing today a brand strategy.The book was written based on his real business experience and observation. I found the book very thorough and very useful. Many points he made are unconventional and though-provoking. Highly recommend the book for anyone involved in managing brands..


Amazing book; So glad I read this

I was pleased this book does what it says it will and gives you all the strategies you’ll need to implement a Branding 4.0 strategy. I’ve read a lot of books in this category only to find they are mainly to bait people into buying into a program. This is not the case here. Now I need to implement the material. I hope to come back and tell everyone how it helps me.

– Simon


Business excellence in brand management in industry 4.0 era

Branding IT 3.0

Business excellence in brand management