Reliability, trustworthiness, and dependability are all words synonymous to one word- credibility. We say that personal credibility is in our own hands. Our actions and decisions define how people perceive us. Expertise, clubbed with consistency in performance, leads to a credible person. Agree? Then shouldn’t brand credibility be the same as personal credibility? The answer to this question is- Yes! Building brand credibility is no different than building personal credibility.

As business owners and marketers, more often than not, we hear these words- build your brand!  Ever wonder what the fuss is all about? Why build your brand? Why is brand so important that everyone from small businesses to tech giants is investing their time, money and resources into it? Traditionally, companies were rewarded for sticking to their core offerings, providing honest products and services, and letting the brand generate

Are you an Entrepreneur who is aiming to achieve a distinguishing brand for your company? Or are you on the other end of the spectrum- a legacy business owner looking to revamp the outdated brand strategy. Irrespective of where you’re coming from or what your business is, you’re looking for one common thing- How can I build a powerful brand for my company? With the dynamic nature of the current

Remember the good old days when Branding wasn’t as complex as it is right now- when product quality and credibility was enough to emerge as a market leader. Customers were more loyal to a brand and would give multiple opportunities even if things don’t go as preferred. Fast forward to right now, a modern brand identity must have multiple facets, which are highly dynamic and need to evolve with changing