Reliability, trustworthiness, and dependability are all words synonymous to one word- credibility. We say that personal credibility is in our own hands. Our actions and decisions define how people perceive us. Expertise, clubbed with consistency in performance, leads to a credible person. Agree? Then shouldn’t brand credibility be the same as personal credibility? The answer to this question is- Yes! Building brand credibility is no different than building personal credibility. It’s an undisputable fact that brand credibility has an enormous impact on their customer, and, in turn, on the success of every business. But how to build brand credibility? Our team attended an amazing session conducted by Mr. Marco Casanova, a well-reputed branding expert, and has summarized what he had to say about brand credibility.

3 Factors to Keep in Mind for Building a Credible Brand

1. Empathizing with your customers

Marco says that new-age brands need to be dynamic social systems instead of linear organizations to maintain a constant customer base. Every interaction with the customer counts and could make or break the relationship. To build a credible brand, business owners need to design a purpose-driven, conversational experiences between the consumer and the service provider, leading to a self-service offering model by incorporating a closed-loop feedback mechanism. Step into their shoes and look at the work with their eyes! That’s the essence of emphathizing with your customers. Brands who crack this code will open a plethora of new opportunities, while maintaining great relationships with the existing customer base.

2. Display your competence

In today’s super-competitive environment, brand credibility plays a key role in separating you from the crowd. You need to show how competence your brand is. Gone are those days when a good quality product was sufficient to build credibility. Now, you need to showcase your strengths to the target market in-order to build credibility. Marco says that digital word of mouth is the way to go. Brands need to make an effort in strategizing on how the brand needs to be portrayed in the market. This is a very simple buy excessively important factor in building a credible brand. Marketers need to anticipate demand and consumer behavior by leveraging digitization, adapting methodologies to enhance digital content and more

3. Be consistent

The gap is widening between the best performers and the rest. The new age race is between digitally native brands and the traditional brick-and-mortar Brands- the rabbit and turtle. Most of the times, it’s just about keeping it simple and being consistent in your performance. Marco uses case studies of numerous brand leaders to assert that by simply being true to your values as a brand, you can effectively capture the market and produce positive results for your business. So just stay honest with your core mission and value proposition.

Furthermore, Marco talks about a few strategies, or tips, to consider on how to build brand credibility.

5 Tips for Building Brand Credibility

1. Build a purpose-driven Brand Management System. Why? Because new age brands need to be diverse social systems to cope with the ever changing demand of the consumer. Conversational experiences, instead of one-directional interactions, between the consumer and the service provider, is crucial for consumer attention.

2. Think of customers as just prospects appreciating instant gratification over longstanding loyalty. Work on how to design a wholesome touchpoint experience for customers. Be at the right place, at the right time and on the right channel. Focus on serving customers by exceeding their expectations in a positive way.

3. Aggregate the elements of a branded purpose group with digital content to achieve desired results for your business such as customer satisfaction or increased profitability. Digital interactions is Key. Also note that, transformation of value proposition over economical pricing is an upcoming trend to adapt to in-order to build brand credibility.

4. As value shifts to experiences, the interaction between the Brand and the Customer is becoming the focus of value creation and value extraction. To be successful in transforming your brand into a credible one, fundamentally different Brand management approach, as mentioned by the author Marco Casanova, is needed.

5. Move from ‘Branding follows’ strategy to Branding is strategy to ‘Branding guides strategy’. Brand as a service vs as a product (Powered by Services).

Marco Casanova, in both his books- Pop-up Brands & Branding IT 3.0, has dug deeper on how to build brand credibility. In his marketing training sessions, he has spoken on how to anticipate demand and consumer behavior by leveraging digitization, adapting methodologies to enhance digital content and more. Marco uses case studies of numerous brand leaders to assert that his strategies are effective in capturing the market and produce positive results.

Thank you for reading, and we hope this would have helped you to better understand on how to build a credible brand.

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