The monetary brand value of Nestlé’s instant coffee brand Nescafé
is estimated by Interbrand with 12’500’000’000 USD in 2017.

Nestlé has for each of it’s registered 6’000 brands such a brand bookled that defines the Brand personality in a clear way answering always the same four questions leading to the brand essence.

It’s interesting to see that Nestlé speaks about that a brand has «a heart and a soul» a perspective of seeing it, that will rather confuse executives with a puerly financial mind set or lawyers, who judge a brand much more on rational grounds like Trademark agreements.

By elaborating «the single minded idea that will guide our every thought, word and action» the Brand Essence is the ultimate reduction
of the Brand Personality.

The essence of the Nescafé brand «stimulating» is appealing because it is customer needs oriented (and not product oriented)

NESCAFE | Marco Casanova