Positioning & purpose

A. Top Quality & Excellence: Leading Company & positioning as a Premium Brand

B. How do we approach the issue ‘ecological’ in the future?

Our company culture with respect of sustainability has to change!

We have a lot of trucks on the highway. We have to do more: behavior
is key! Big companies go into sustainable suppliers: request from our clients. Society will dictate and eventually regulate. Ideally be one step ahead of competition. We could do better (i.e.,packing material) (2009)

Summary Carbon Footprint of Packimpex Ltd.

The present summary is an abstract of the “Report: CO2 Management
– Year 2016” established by Swiss Climate. It includes different illustrations of the carbon footprint (established according to ISO 14064-1).

Even the B2B customer of a global icon as Coca Cola was willing to endorse publically the Packimpex brand.

Why? Because the sustainability activities of Packimpex are credible
because trackable. Packimpex became a reference of good corporate citizenship in the industry and allowed a positive customer

PACKIMPEX | Marco Casanova