Swiss Mobiliar: the comprehensive programme for young insurance holders

At, insurance holders aged 26 and under will find a wealth of information prepared just for them. They can, for example, watch YouTube videos starring two young characters who take a unique approach to answering various questions regarding insurance. A mailout dispatched as part of the programme for young people and based on the current campaign focuses on the video characters as key visuals. The mailout will be sent exclusively to young insurance holders and will include some tantalizing vouchers. Eye-catching Internet memes are used as the mailout’s banner and should prompt a smile. The printed material  is designed to strengthen interaction between Swiss Mobiliar and  the young customer segment, as well as sparking interest in the website and in downloading the new Swiss Mobiliar app. The aim  of the mailout, organized by the Zurich agency pinkup Dialogmarketing and combined with benefits, is to ensure loyalty to Swiss Mobiliar among young customers.

PINKUP & MOBILIAR | Marco Casanova