Business excellence in brand management in industry 4.0 era

New-age brands need to be dynamic social systems instead of linear organizations to maintain a constant customer base. Every interaction with the customer counts and could make or break the relationship. The book Pop-up Brands teaches you the core of leading-edge branding strategy, which is based on designing purpose-driven, conversational experiences between the consumer and the service provider, leading to a self-service offering model by incorporating a closed-loop feedback mechanism. With pop-up strategies, decentralize your ecosystems and pro-actively get involved in it as a Brand. The pop-up brand is an exciting and thrilling journey where Marco Casanova takes you through his innovative concept of prospect customers and how to design effective experiences at every interaction, or touchpoint. As value shifts to experiences, the interaction between the Brand and the Customer is becoming the focus of value creation and value extraction. To be successful in transforming your brand, fundamentally different Brand management, as mentioned by the author Marco Casanova, approach is needed. The book speaks on how to anticipate demand and consumer behavior by leveraging digitization, adapting methodologies to enhance digital content and more. Marco uses case studies of numerous brand leaders to assert that his strategies are effective in capturing the market and produce positive results.


Great book for all business owners and business executives

Marco asks in his book “Does Your Brand Deserve a Bright Future?” and he shows in a very convincing way what it takes to develop and implement a successful branding strategy, to succeed in today’s high-speed short-attention span culture. His BRANDED ECOSYSTEM ENGINEERING BEE® explained in the book with some very concrete and appealing real case examples enables the reader to develop its fitting Branding 4.0 Strategy. I really like the book and can strongly recommend it to all business owners and business executives who are responsible for managing a brand and relations with various stakeholders.


Amazing book; So glad I read this

I was pleased this book does what it says it will and gives you all the strategies you’ll need to implement a Branding 4.0 strategy. I’ve read a lot of books in this category only to find they are mainly to bait people into buying into a program. This is not the case here. Now I need to implement the material. I hope to come back and tell everyone how it helps me.



I found the book very thorough and very useful. Many points he made are unconventional and though-provoking

Marco gives very compelling reasons and how-to guides about developing today a brand strategy.The book was written based on his real business experience and observation. I found the book very thorough and very useful. Many points he made are unconventional and though-provoking. Highly recommend the book for anyone involved in managing brands..