Nation Brand ‘Switzerland’

It all started with the positioning of Switzerland as a touristic destination more than 50 years ago

Switzerland sticks since more than fifty years to one consistent message «Beautiful scenery = Switzerland»

On this screen shot on Google maps one can see a region with nature,
mountains and snow. This territory is split by the following countries (by alphabetical order); Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

The highest mountains are in France and Germany. If you fly over this region it all looks more or less the same. But: which country is associated all over the world with beautiful scenery, with mountains and snow? It’s Switzerland!

This has a lot to do with branding and how Switzerland has professionally
managed it’s Nation brand over the last 50 years.

This credible and consistant Nation brand positioning results in a multibillion business for the Tourism Industry in Switzerland.

Switzerland is 8’000 times smaller than India but earns 235% more money with tourism than India!

Switzerland is 31 times smaller than Peru but earns 215% more money with tourism than Peru!

Strong Nation Brand significantly supports other industries and brands

A strong Nation brand doesn’t just attract tourists and investments;
it can also support the sale of products & brands and even help entire Industries. An interesting way to use such a strong Nation Brand like Switzerland business-wise, is to communicate this country-of-origin in a Co-Branding.

Country-branded products greatly leverage pre-existing perceptions
of the country to increase awareness, create an image and influence opinions of the quality of the products & brands.

«A country certainly shows characteristics of a brand. The notion „«Switzerland» is also  a brand and in any case still a very wellknown 
one. A clever combination of political independence and world economic open-mindedness. (…) Switzerland became, so to speak, the corporate
brand, which embodied a lot of important core values: quality, stability,  constancy, reliability, integrity.»

4. NOVEMBER 2004

SWITZERLAND | Marco Casanova