Remember the good old days when Branding wasn’t as complex as it is right now- when product quality and credibility was enough to emerge as a market leader. Customers were more loyal to a brand and would give multiple opportunities even if things don’t go as preferred.

Fast forward to right now, a modern brand identity must have multiple facets, which are highly dynamic and need to evolve with changing surroundings. One bad message or experience is enough to lose customers forever. Sounds daunting right? As Brand owners, we want to know the ways to make our brand stand out from the crowd. We want to adapt to new branding strategies that comply with current and future industries. We want to stay relevant and grow as a brand.

One of the best ways to do all of the above is by learning from industry experts that have studied and have come-up with new-age strategies on branding. But with so much content online, how do we pick the book that fits our business and resonates with our business goals? We have just the right options to cater to your needs. Hand-picked and evaluated by branding experts, here are the top 5 best branding books for 2020. Let’s go through them in detail-

List of Top 5 Best Branding Books for 2020

1. Pop-up Brands by Marco Casanova

New-age brands need to be dynamic social systems instead of linear organizations to maintain a constant customer base. Pop-up Brands teaches you the core of leading-edge branding strategy, which is based on designing purpose-driven, conversational experiences between the consumer and the service provider, leading to a self-service offering model by incorporating a closed-loop feedback mechanism.

With pop-up strategies, decentralize your ecosystems and pro-actively get involved in it as a Brand. The pop-up brand is an exciting and thrilling journey where Marco Casanova takes you through his innovative concept of prospect customers and how to design effective experiences at every interaction, or touchpoint. As value shifts to experiences, the interaction between the Brand and the Customer is becoming the focus of value creation and value extraction. To be successful in transforming your brand, fundamentally different Brand management, as mentioned by the author Marco Casanova, approach is needed.

The book speaks on how to anticipate demand and consumer behavior by leveraging digitization, adapting methodologies to enhance digital content and more. Marco uses case studies of numerous brand leaders to assert that his strategies are effective in capturing the market and produce positive results. We highly recommend grabbing a copy of this one! With that said, Marco Casanova’s Pop-up Brands stands at #1 among the list of top 5 best branding books for 2020.

2. Complete Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals by Daniel Ling

Design thinking is an amazing tool for powerful thinking. Highly recommended by experts, the practices from this book could drive your brand forward in a positive fashion. It insists on thinking as a brand and making it your point of view to the extent that it comes naturally. Very unique and interesting, this book compels you to change your perspective. Think like a designer and develop your brand around it. Organizations are promoted to develop services, improving brand and their purpose as a value proposition. Daniel Ling’s Complete Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals occupies the second place on the list of top 5 best branding books for 2020.

3. Branding IT 3.0 by Marco Casanova

In this Amazon Bestseller, Branding IT 3.0, Marco has instituted foundational principals of Branding by giving use cases of the best practices by industry leaders. This is a great book with easy to apply strategies that can be customized per industry and type of market. You can learn how today’s state-of-the-art brand management is being achieved, with the help of more than 20 best practices from industry leaders. A new concept introduced by the writer, the 10 C’s of branding showcasing steps to implement branding strategies. Highly tangible and actionable, the strategies in this book are a great tool for all emerging brands to implement. Which is why, we have put it at the third position among other top 5 best branding books for 2020.

4. Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit by Anne Bahr Thompson

Very well-researched and quick to grasp, this book puts forth actionable insights, use cases and highly practical tips to improve your brand and build a core purpose for your brand. Highly driven by consumer behavior and trends, the practices mentioned by Anne have immediate positive result that have proved to sustain for long period. Anne has an empathetic touch on branding, which is the biggest differentiating factor in Do Good. And that’s the reason you are seeing this book right at the fourth position amid the top 5 best branding books for 2020.

5. Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind By Al Ries and Jack Trout

This is a great book for brand managers looking to understand the concept of positioning your brand. Also good for those aiming to make their brands stand out from the crowd. Written by highly talented individuals, ‘Positioning’ is a trusted book on product and brand placement, a complex term that is effortlessly de-tangled by the authors. This one is a classic when it comes to tried and tested branding methodologies.

We hope that our list of top 5 best branding books for 2020 would be helpful for your business as you embark your journey to develop a powerful and dynamic brand. All the best and transform the way you Brand!

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